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Decided to get your home or office pest free?

We think it’s a massive decision that needs to be handled with care. An opportunity to take make your home or office pest free. So, trust us to do the best job possible. A team that is absolutely dedicated to making your area pest free experience awesome.


If you're not 100% happy with our work, we offer a money back guarantee

Excellent Service

Expect nothing less than excellence. We promise our customers to provide professional and excellent service .


The employees of Pro Pest Control Altrincham regularly attend seminars to learn the newest and safest ways to keep your life and property pest-free.

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What Makes Us Different?


  • Sure, there are a number of pest control companies out there. What makes us different is that we have decades of experience at pest control. We offer a professional service in every regard and in every interaction with us. And of course we don't just talk the talk, it's all backed by our complete money back satisfaction guarantee.

    Sam Walker - CEO

  • When I'm working on location, I feel like a surgeon! Gloves, mask, floor covers and more. I'm in the zone. Nothing less than perfect is acceptable.

    Alex Rogers - Pest Controling Specialist

  • The success of this company has been built on how we treat customers. We don't just call a customer, we ask how they would like us to communicate - email, phone, WhatsApp? We give exact timeframes, progress pictures and more. We offer maximum convenience in every aspect of our service.

    Hannah Ryan - Customer Experience Manager

Pest Control Altrincham

About Us


We’re all about providing an extraordinary service. Say bye to brash ‘customer service’ people or jobs done without utter attention to detail.


We provide high quality, professional, preventive & reactive pest control services.


If you have a pest problem of any kind, or are unsure about what kind of pest you may have, just give us a call for a free quotation.


Pro Pest Control Altrincham operatives are specifically trained to identify the causes of infestations and to provide an effective solution to your pest control problem with advice to prevent any infestation recurring.



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